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Teresa Dupay - Expert Nutritionist

Teresa is passionate about encouraging people to make the right food choices to enhance their lives through food and exercise. She believes if you have a "healthy body you have a healthy mind". After suffering from terrible eczema for years, she decided to change her diet and learn how food can effect who you are and how you feel. She qualified as a Nutritionist in 1994 after studying at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, the leading school for training nutrition in Europe. She is also the founder of

Here are some of the projects that Teresa has been working on and is still involved in:

* Setting up The Nutritional Department at an Allergy Clinic in London

* Promoting 'Eating for a Healthy Heart' for the Co-operative group

* Cookery workshops for 4 Children - who are a large charity organisation supplying breakfast and after school clubs across the UK

* Facilitating workshops conducted for Foster Careers in London and Surrey, beauty and reflexology colleges

* Expert commentator on BBC Essex and Essex FM

* Featured in The Guardian, Times Education and the Hello Magazine

* Created and Designed exciting, healthy and fun menus for CentreParcs nationwide

* Cookery workshops in primary schools across the South East

* Seminars for corporate organisations on how to eat for the long executive day. Getting the best from their staff and help lower absenteeism

* Featured in the Daily Express December 2011 - Do You Have Seasonal Snacking Disorder? See Blog for details

Teresa Dupay


Hi, I'm Teresa and I have been working with snacks for the last 9 years. Snacks contain large amounts of SUGAR. SUGAR, is the new poison. Find out how much SUGAR, is in your child's snack...

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