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Ultra Fuel Powder Let me explain why this is an excellent snack! The muscles that drive performance are 75% water. The most important nutrient in your body is plain water. The quality of tissues, their performance and their resistance to injury is absolutely dependent on the quality of the water your drink. And you have to drink it constantly. Then there is the question of absorption. Almost anything in the water you drink will slow down absorption. This is because the walls of the intestines let water through easily but not particles. In fact water will pass less well from stomach to small intestine, where it is absorbed when say, sugar is added. Most commercial sports drinks contain high levels of glucose or sucrose which inhibit absorption. So it is not recommended to use them during exercise. However, a very small amount of certain sugars is beneficial to stomach emptying. Fructose at 2% enhances stomach emptying and preferentially restores glycogen to the liver. Long-chain polymer glucose also allows for rapid emptying. Then once in the small intestines the water still has to be adsorbed. Fructose may be better since it doesn’t stimulate insulin like glucose does, and also replaces liver glycogen better. That is why I recommend Ultra Fuel Powder Twinlab . This product contains: no sucrose, no added preservatives or artificial flavours. No added sodium. Enjoy. Do let us know how you get on with Ultra Fuel Powder

Teresa Dupay


Hi, I'm Teresa and I have been working with snacks for the last 9 years. Snacks contain large amounts of SUGAR. SUGAR, is the new poison. Find out how much SUGAR, is in your child's snack...

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