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Reese's Pieces Worst Snack of the Month

We have to tell you about Reese's Pieces the worst snack on our site.
The SNR is -83!!!!!! Why does it have such a bad rating? Looking at the packet it contains peanut butter, that's not bad for you surely! It gives you energy and is full of protein. The trouble is Reese's Pieces also contain not one E number but five E numbers, including Tartrazine E102, Allura Red AC E129, Titanium Dioxide E171, Sunset Yellow E110 and Brilliant Blue E133. We eat some of them, boy oh boy do they taste weird. To begin with you crunch on them and yes you can taste the peanut, but the after taste is horrible. Reese's Pieces contain 200 calories, 47.4% of a child's intake of daily sugar and 58.4% of a child's intake of daily saturated fat. Don't even think about putting them into your child's lunchbox.

Teresa Dupay


Hi, I'm Teresa and I have been working with snacks for the last 9 years. Snacks contain large amounts of SUGAR. SUGAR, is the new poison. Find out how much SUGAR, is in your child's snack...

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