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Is V8 Vegetable Juice Good For You?

Here at the SnackCheck team we thought this would be a really healthy drink. The SNR for V8 Vegetable Juice is -26. How disappointing. Let's look at what is inside a can of V8 Vegetable Juice. Eight vegetables, made up of Tomato Juice From Concentrate 87%, Vegetable Juice 13% made up from Concentrate (Carrots, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach), Salt, Spice Extract. Notice that V8 is from concentrate Too bad that on the Campbell's website they don't have the ingredients and what they do with them. The number 1 addition is water! This means that the veggies were at one point juiced, but for logistical purposes, the water content was removed. So you're not getting freshly juiced vegetables. Let's look at the fibre content next. There is 1.7g fibre in a 330ml can of V8. These 8 vegetables all have over 1g of fibre per 100g therefore the fibre is being diluted via the water and the juicing. Shame this is so good for you! Why so much sodium? I hear you ask. There is 0.79g sodium which is equivalent to 33% GDA for an adult and 40% for a childs GDA of sodium. Because it tastes good. High-sodium diets are linked to an increase in blood pressure and a higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Reducing the amount of sodium you consume can help lower high blood pressure or prevent it from developing in the first place. Keeping your blood pressure at healthy levels is important, because high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks or stroke.

Teresa Dupay


Hi, I'm Teresa and I have been working with snacks for the last 9 years. Snacks contain large amounts of SUGAR. SUGAR, is the new poison. Find out how much SUGAR, is in your child's snack...

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