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Why Are Certain Ingredients Highlighted In A Different Colour?

Most ingredients are displayed in black indicating that they have a neutral effect from a nutritional point of view. Certain ingredients have particularly beneficial properties and are displayed in green. Ingredients displayed in amber have raised a cause for concern and should only be consumed in moderation. Ingredients displayed in red are known to be detrimental to health, or have unknown long-term effects, and therefore should be avoided as far as possible.

What Is The SNR?

The SnackCheck Nutritional Rating (SNR) is a ranking of Products within Product Category that indicates the relative nutritional value of the Product.

How Do You Calculate The SNR?

The SNR is automatically generated or each product by our proprietary algorithm that analyses the ingredients and nutritional data as per the guidelines laid down by the Food Standards Agency.

How Do You Calculate My Daily Nutritional Requirement?

When you create a Snackcheck personal profile, we ask you to let us know about your physical characteristics. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) can then be estimated by using various predictive equations from which we can calculate your daily energy and nutritional requirements.

Your BMR is an estimate of how many calories you would burn if you were to rest for 24 hours. It represents the minimum amount of energy needed to keep your body functioning, including breathing and maintaining your heartbeat. We use the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation in our calculations which is considered to provide the most accurate measure.

If you would rather not create a Snackcheck profile, we will calculate your nutritional requirements based upon an energy demand of 2000 kCalories a day. However, bear in mind that this is the requirement for an adult male. Your daily energy requirement might be a lot less than 2000 kCal.

What Is Meant By 'Reduced' Fat, Salt Or Sugar On A Food Label?

The Food Standards Agency says that 'reduced' should mean at least 25% less than the standard product. However, 'reduced fat', for example, doesn't automatically mean that a product is low fat. Often the fat will be replaced with sugar and thickening agents.

What Is Meant By 'Low Sugar'?
5 grams, or less, of sugar per 100 grams of the product may be described as 'low'.

What Is Meant By 'Low Fat'

3 grams, or less, of fat per 100 grams of the product may be described as 'low fat'.

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