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How To Enjoy Drinking Water

Many people say to me that they don't enjoy drinking water. The answer to this is very simple.

All you need is three ingredients. These three ingredients will transform how you drink water forever.

They are colourful, powerful and nutritious.

I hear you asking. What are they?

Well...... all you need is a jug, a jug that you like to touch and feel good about, water and then these three wonderful ingredients........

They are one fresh lemon, one fresh lime and one fresh orange.

If you can, buy unwaxed lemons. You will then need to wash the fruit in a bowl of cold water with a little vinegar added to the water. This helps get rid of any chemicals that may have been sprayed, whilst these fruits were growing.

Slice all of the fruits and add to your jug of water.

Within half an hour your water will be infused with these wonderful flavours from your fresh fruits and the colours are inviting.

At the end of the day you can eat the fruit if you wish. The most nutritious part of the fruit is the skin and the pith (which is the white part of the fruit). This is where the bioflavonoids are and they help with the absorption of Vitamin C.

If you do not have a jug please take a look at the one that we recommend. I find it very useful and colourful at the same time.

Enjoy drinking your water.



Teresa Dupay


Hi, I'm Teresa and I have been working with snacks for the last 9 years. Snacks contain large amounts of SUGAR. SUGAR, is the new poison. Find out how much SUGAR, is in your child's snack...

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